Real Life Runway: Miu Miu


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With the wrapping up of fashion week(s), it is time to sit back and review the looks. Since many of us do not have the funds to buy the clothes straight off the runway, we are forced to find ways to replicate the outfits for less money. Here is some inspiration from the Miu Miu show, and how to replicate the style for less.

Miu Miu

The Miu Miu collection was categorized by soft pastels, puffer jackets/skirts, and those clear shoe things (proper name???)


Get a similar look to those above by trying a quilted skirt. Add a colored button down, trench coat, and heels to finish off the look!

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Mardi Gras


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Hi everyone!
So this isn’t a style post, but I just experienced my first Mardi Gras and couldn’t have had a better time! Going to school in New Orleans, Mardi Gras is something I have been hearing about for the past couple of months, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. At home, when we celebrated Fat Tuesday, it lasted only one day. Here, however, the celebrations last well over a week.

(Some shots from Muses on Thursday, one of the few all-female Krewes known for throwing highly decorated shoes)

I got to see so many beautiful floats and catch a bunch of beads (they become a hot commodity during the Mardi season!) My personal favorite part of the week was getting to dress up in completely crazy outfits. Everything goes–tutus, sequin leggings, crowns, the whole lot! I never thought I would be standing in public wearing a giant purple tutu and neon orange sweater, but there I was! Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I encourage anyone who has the chance to witness it at least once.

Now that that’s all over, I will resume posting as usual. Whew!


(My best friend and I sporting some crazy Mardi Gras outfits including fanny packs!)

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday everyone!

xo S


Top Lookbook Looks Of The Day: 2/24-2/25


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Since my first top Lookbook posts seemed to be well received, I am continuing the series this week! Be sure to check out these lovely fashionistas on


HollyNights C.: Her pairing of velvet, combat boots, and a floppy hat is a great play on modern day grunge. I’m obsessed with the open back detailing of the dress!


Viktoria S.: I love how breezy and elegant this look is. She does a great job styling the midi skirt, a task that often is hard to do. The blue and white color palette is incredibly gorgeous as well.


Charmaine_Chanel: She does a great job making a fairly neutral color scheme seem fresh and new. I love the layering of the sweater, and the hat gives the look a really chic touch.

That’s all for this week!


As always, these photos are not mine. Credit is given to the owners.

LFW: The Looks


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Hi everyone!

So I know my NYFW coverage was not the best (I returned to blogging just a little too late!) so I’m going to try and make it up with my LFW coverage. This is post one in a 2 part series that I’m going to be doing this week. In this post, I will pick my 3 favorite looks from a few LFW shows. In the next post, I will be finding ways to get the look for less. Stay tuned!

Tom Ford

Peter Pilotto

Christopher Kane

Topshop Unique


All images via



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Hey everyone!

It’s been unseasonably cold in New Orleans these past few weeks (although nothing like what’s happening in the northeast!) While I love wearing sweaters and jeans, it is a little hard to dress in a city where it can be 40 degrees one day and 70 the next!

I opted for a fuzzy grid print sweater from Forever 21 (that cost me about $5 during their extra 50% off sale!) and a pair of black skinny jeans by Tinsel (via Lord & Taylor)


(It was hard to get a good photo on the quad! Who knew people looked at you so funny when you’re taking pictures of yourself :P)


I finished it all off with of-the-moment cut out black booties from H&M. This cold weather has been accompanied by lots and lots of rain, which explains all of the dried grass that stuck to my shoes!


I’m also going to use this time to talk about my watch. While I know I have been very against Michael Kors wristwear in the past, I couldn’t resist when I saw this baby on sale. The multi colored face made me feel like it was a real statement piece, and I caved in and bought it (on sale via Neiman Marcus Last Call!)

Well, that’s all for now! Hope everyone had a great Sunday and an awesome night if you don’t have work/school tomorrow!

xo S



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In case you haven’t heard the big news (and trust me, this is BIG news) J Crew is having a President’s Day weekend sale to end all sales. For a limited time, everything in the sale section is an additional 50% off. While the merchandise is pretty picked over, there are still some great finds. Here is a selection of some key pieces that I definitely will be trying to score. The sale runs until Tuesday, use code extra50.

Velvet Blouson Dress: $139.99 $69.99


Colorblock Painter Tee: $34.50 $17.25


Bow Print Boy Popover: $69.99 $34.99


Fair Isle Sweater: $89.99 $44.99



Top Lookbook Looks Of The Day


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Hey everyone,

Here are some of my favorite posts that I have seen on my Bloglovin’ today. Be sure to check them out!


Tricia G: Her pattern mixing pairs unexpected prints in classic shapes, giving the look a “mod” feel.


Vu T.: She keeps the top half of her outfit simple in order to keep the focus on her AMAZING booties! Love the accessories as well.


Rachel-Marie: That hat. Those boots. That makeup. Everything about this look is flawless, and to think the photo was taken in the snow!

Hopefully these fashionistas give you all some inspiration for the weekend!




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Good morning everyone! Here are some links from yesterday you may have missed to start your morning off right (and give you something to talk about today!)



  • Drake disses Macklemore’s post-Grammy apology to Kendrick Lamar.
  • Christian Bale impersonates Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Teens diss Valentine’s Day.


  • Blake Lively praises the Michael Kors NYFW show (and the designer himself.)
  • Spanx releases a butt bra.
  • The DKNY show is flawless (no shock.)

Marc By Marc Jacobs: Reinvented

Yesterday marked the rebirth of Marc By Marc Jacobs (MBMJ, as it is now known), with the departure of the namesake and arrival of two new co-designers, Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier. The collection moves a bit astray from former Marc By Marc Jacobs runway shows, opting for a raceway-esque army of coats, pants, and tops. While this is definitely a new look, it remains true to the namesake’s quirky, fun style. What do you think?

Images via

The Big Return


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Hello everyone,

I know it has been ages since this site was updated, but I would like to officially announce my own personal return to So Irrelevant It’s Relevant. Moving away from home and into the college realm has been a difficult and exciting experience, but unfortunately left little room for blogging. Now that I am settled in, I would love to return to my first love, which is fashion blogging. Please bear with me, at this time it is only me operating the site (hard work for one girl!) but hopefully the entire team will be back on board this summer. I hope to bring even more content to you guys on street style, runway looks, and also affordable ways to stay stylish. While I cannot promise that this will be a daily update, I can promise that I am going to try my best to bring you all everything you want to see.

For now,


PS: I would LOVE to know what kind of content our readers want! Please leave a comment with any ideas or requests!