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Hey everyone!

It’s been unseasonably cold in New Orleans these past few weeks (although nothing like what’s happening in the northeast!) While I love wearing sweaters and jeans, it is a little hard to dress in a city where it can be 40 degrees one day and 70 the next!

I opted for a fuzzy grid print sweater from Forever 21 (that cost me about $5 during their extra 50% off sale!) and a pair of black skinny jeans by Tinsel (via Lord & Taylor)


(It was hard to get a good photo on the quad! Who knew people looked at you so funny when you’re taking pictures of yourself :P)


I finished it all off with of-the-moment cut out black booties from H&M. This cold weather has been accompanied by lots and lots of rain, which explains all of the dried grass that stuck to my shoes!


I’m also going to use this time to talk about my watch. While I know I have been very against Michael Kors wristwear in the past, I couldn’t resist when I saw this baby on sale. The multi colored face made me feel like it was a real statement piece, and I caved in and bought it (on sale via Neiman Marcus Last Call!)

Well, that’s all for now! Hope everyone had a great Sunday and an awesome night if you don’t have work/school tomorrow!

xo S