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I must begin with an apology for the mediocre photography associated with this post. I made the mistake of employing my 12-year-old brother, who is clearly inept in his picture taking skills. Oh well, we’ll work on it 😀

Anyways, today’s outfit centered around my desire to take part in the winter-pastel trend. It has recently become acceptable to wear pastel colored pants in the dead of winter, and I was not about to miss out on this opportunity. Not wanting to feel too springy though, I then paired my light pink pants with a layered duo consisting of a white button up and dark blue cable knit sweater. Completed the look with my all-time favorite patent leather boots. I wear them on the reg, so no question they will be featured again, probably multiple times.  Kept the jewlery to a minimum, sticking with the daily basics.. I will go into detail on what that includes in a future post. The overall look resulted in the omission of a very equestrian vibe, but hey, nothin wrong there!

Cable Knit- Ralph Lauren

Button Up- AE

Jeans- AE

Boots- Ralph Lauren