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The J. Crew Feb 2013 catalogue arrived at my house one day last week, and at first, I just ignored it. J. Crew has never been my style–so much pastel, workwear, and boxy cuts that I could not deal with. I envisioned the typical J. Crew woman as someone who rides a horse on weekends and spends her days watching Martha Stewart to kill the time between her kids’ soccer practices. When I finally did sit down and open the “style guide” (why they can’t just call it a catalogue, I do not know) I was presently surprised. Was it pastel? Yes. Were some parts a little soccer-momish? Yes. Did I want absolutely everything. Oh heck yes. I’m using many outfit ideas for the months to come. Look below for some of my favorites from it, and share your own thoughts in the comments!



for more, visit www.jcrew.com or the fabulous tumblr I discovered today, www.jcrewing.tumblr.com